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MoorBooks Design is a design studio that specializes in making custom book covers. Our goal is to help indie authors publish their books with success. We have previous experience in working with authors and designing custom book covers. Our eBook design portfolio speaks about the quality of our design and our services. We are very dedicated and passionate when it comes to our business and our projects, and we believe that we can offer you something new and different.

Our MoorBooks Design team consists of talented and experienced designers who love to design book covers. The great thing about us is that all our designers have different interests and styles. What they have in common is talent, passion, and work ethics. Maria, Alex, and Marko are our Senior Graphic Designers who, in addition to experience in designing book covers, have a lot of experience in the field of graphic design in general. Our Client Service Manager Adam will communicate with you about everything concerning all kinds of projects, and he will be a mediator between clients and designers.

We look forward to working with you.
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